Merging student and employee home directories

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The new home folder system for employees is now in place, and student home folders will also be migrated to the new solution during the weekend 6th - 8th of August.

For most students this migration will hardly be noticable.

Nevertheless, about 1000 users have both a student and an employee user account. Since the new solution is operating with only one home folder per user, we will have to merge the data from the two separate student and employee home folders.

If you only have either an employee OR a student account, this information is irrelevant for you.

You can check whether you have two accounts by logging on to selecting the server RASMUS (student account) and ALF (employee account). You have two accounts if you are able to logon to both servers with your user name.

Changes for users with student and employee accounts

The merging will have the following consequences for users with both a student and an employee user account:

  1. Data from the student home folder will be copied into a subfolder in the employee home folder called “STUDENT_hjemmekatalog”.
  2. Logging onto the student account will show the data from the employee account.
  3. There will be only one home folder after merging, whether you logon as a student or an employee.

Note! If you are a student with an old, disabled employee account, you will still have access to your data (though they will have been moved to the subfolder as mentioned above). You will also gain access to your (old) employee data again when logging on as a student. Of course, you are free to delete data you no longer need, and move your student data back from the subfolder, to go back to today's status.

In case of missing mail folders after the merging

Moving the student home folder also means the student mail/ folder is moved from the root (top) of the home folder. mail/ contains all “folders” in your email inbox. If your your student mail is organised with subfolders, you will have to move this folder back to the right place. It can be done like this:

Note: the following instruction includes moving one or more files containing email - and it is fully possible to lose emails if applied wrong. Therefore, please read carefully through the instructions first, and get in touch with IT support in case you do not fully understand how to proceed.


  1. Double click on “My Computer”
  2. Go to your home folder ([user name]) on ‘Hjemmekataloger for Studenter og Ansatte (nturt)’)
  3. Open the folder STUDENT_hjemmekatalog
  4. Open the folder mail
  5. Select all files/folders in the folder mail and choose “Cut”
  6. Go back to your home folder
  7. Open the folder mail
  8. Choose “Paste”. NB: If asked to overwrite files, choose not to. Rather choose to skip these files, rename them and try again.


  1. Open a terminal window
  2. Run the command mv -i ~/STUDENT_hjemmekatalog/mail ~/. NB: If asked to overwrite files, choose not to. In stead, rename these files in the folder /STUDENT_hjemmekatalog/mail/ and try again.

In case you are experiencing problems or you need further assistance, please contact us through UiBhjelp, or on phone 55584700.