Mac OS X: Installation of Unison

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This guide shows you how to install Unison on a UiB Mac client computer. For configuration of Unison see Mac OS X: Unison configuration.

Please perform the following steps to install Unison on your machine:

  1. Start Managed Software Center.
  2. Choose Software.
  3. Search for or scroll to find Unison.
  4. Click Install to install.

    Skjermbilde 2016-04-20 kl. 15.51.48.png

  5. After the installation has been completed, you can find Unison using Launchpad or Finder-->Applications.

    Installer unison 3.png

  6. When starting Unison you might be asked to install the Unison command-line tool. Choose Yes.

    Installer unison 4.png

  7. Please use the user information connected to the install account, or an other administrator account, to sanction the change.

    Installer unison 5.png

  8. If all the steps are done correctly, Unison will be installed succesfully and you are ready to configure sychronization of your profile.

    Installer unison 6.png