Mac OS X: Installation of SPSS 23 on private Mac computers

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This is a guide that shows how to download, install and license SPSS Statistics 23 on a private Mac.

On client (hosted) Mac computers, please use Managed Software Center.


Please do the following to download IBM SPSS Statistics 23:

  1. Log into:
  2. Select SPSS from the list of programs.
  3. Choose, and click Send.
  4. The installation file is added to Downloads.
    Skjermbilde 2016-04-12 kl. 11.48.32.png


Please do the following to install IBM SPSS Statistics 23:

  1. Click on the downloaded SPSS files, which is then verified and opened.
    Skjermbilde 2016-05-09 kl. 14.57.32.png

  2. Double click SPSS_Statistics_Installer. Wait for the computer to verify the installer file.
    Skjermbilde 2016-04-12 kl. 11.54.47.png
    Skjermbilde 2016-05-09 kl. 14.59.34.png

  3. Click Open, if/when asked if you are sure.
    Skjermbilde 2016-04-26 kl. 11.47.49.png

  4. Type the username and password of an administrator account on the computer, before you click Install Helper.
    Skjermbilde 2016-04-26 kl. 11.51.24.png

  5. Choose the language you want, and click OK.
    Skjermbilde 2016-04-26 kl. 12.04.57.png

  6. Click Next.
    Skjermbilde 2016-04-12 kl. 12.05.59.png

  7. Choose Authorized User License and click Next.
    Skjermbilde 2016-04-12 kl. 12.08.18.png

  8. Choose I accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next.
    Skjermbilde 2016-04-12 kl. 12.10.29.png

  9. Type in your name and the name of you organization (UiB).
    A small pop-up window will appear, when you click on the field you want to change. Click Next when finished.
    Skjermbilde 2016-04-12 kl. 12.13.58.png
    Skjermbilde 2016-04-12 kl. 12.15.23.png

  10. Choose Yes or No to decide if Essentials for Python should be installed or not. Then click Next.

  11. The installer will choose a place to install the program. You can change this, if you want to, before you click Next.
    Skjermbilde 2016-04-26 kl. 12.51.25.png

  12. Click Install.
    Skjermbilde 2016-04-12 kl. 12.26.28.png

  13. Click Done to complete the installation.
    Skjermbilde 2016-04-12 kl. 12.31.38.png


Please do the following to get the code:

  1. Log into:
  2. Select SPSS from the list of programs.
  3. Choose Installasjonskoder for SPSS an click Send.
  4. Copy the SPSS 23 license code.

Please do the following to add the code to the SPSS 23 software on your computer:

You should be logged in as an administrator when performing these steps!

  1. Open Finder.
  2. Go to Applications.
  3. Find and open the folder "IBM"-->"SPSS"-->"Statistics"-->"23".
  4. Doule click SPSS Statistics License Authorization Wizard.
  5. Click Next.
    Licence status.png

  6. If the window below appears, it means you are not logged in as an administrator. Please log out, log in as an administrator and repeat steps 1-5 from this list.
    Skjermbilde 2016-04-12 kl. 13.21.11.png

  7. Choose License my product now and click Next.
  8. Paste in the licence code, before clicking Next.
    Enter code.png

  9. Please also click Next in the window called Internet Authorization Status.
  10. Click Finish in the window called Licensing Completed.