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What is IT-help / ithelp.uib.no?

If you need help with something related to IT at UiB, this is the place for you. The idea is to collect useful information here about the use of both central and local IT services. Other IT information that is useful to UiB users can also be entered, for instance useful links for users of various programs or IT equipment at UiB. In short: all IT information that can be useful to other people at UiB can be entered here. Everyone who has a UiB user account can contribute their knowledge and experience.

How do I find what I need?


ithelp.uib.no can be used in the same way as ordinary websites through links from, for example, the home page. The website also has some extra functions. If you want to find and read information, there are a few things which are useful to know:


Once you have entered the text you wish to search for, you have two alternatives:

GO - Redirects you to the web page with the same name as your search term

SEARCH – Finds all web pages (including category pages, see below) that include the word or words you have entered

In some cases, a forwarding function has been included that sends you from one page title to another, so that if you, for instance, enter ‘email’ you will be forwarded to the web page entitled ‘E-mail’. If the web page you are looking for does not exist (or no forwarding function has been created for the text you typed) the search results will appear.


In addition to ordinary web pages that have links to other relevant pages, the content is organised into ‘categories’. This is done by marking the web pages. One web page can belong to several categories, and all of them are shown at the bottom of the web page. By clicking them, you will be sent to a category page with links to all web pages belonging to this category. One category can also belong to another category, in the same way as data files, folders and catalogues in the file manager, or messages and folders in the e-mail function.

TIP: A useful way of searching for content on a single web page is to press Ctrl + F in the web browser, type the exact search phrase, and then press enter.

Various links

  • Links that take you out of it.uib.no are marked with an arrow behind the link, like this: www.uib.no.
  • Links to encrypted content are marked with a padlock, like this: SEBRA

It can also be a good idea to familiarise yourself with the website by clicking some of the links in the sidebar to the left.

In addition to reading information, it is possible to help improve the content. it.uib.no is a wiki page that uses the same system as wikipedia. Everyone can contribute. At ithelp.uib.no you have to log on using your UiB User account to change or create new web pages. However, everyone with internet access can read the website.

Who is responsible for the content?

The log at the top of the page allows you to see who made exactly what changes to each individual web page.

Everyone with a UiB user account can contribute to making ithelp.uib.no as good as possible. On many of the web pages, it will not be possible to tell whether they are written by IT department staff or by others.

The IT department monitors and maintains information about services provided by the IT department. Some pages will only be [updated by the IT department].

How can I contribute?

If you wish to contribute to making this a more useful website, you can update web pages and create new pages containing information about IT for UiB users. If you are unsure about what should be changed or how, you can also submit a comment on the discussion page via the link at the top of the web page in question. Someone with the relevant expertise can then address your comment.

Do not be afraid to edit web pages - everyone at UiB can edit, and we encourage everyone to contribute useful information. Find something that can be improved, whether it be content, grammar or formatting, and fix it!

You cannot do any permanent damage to ithelp.uib.no. Everything can be fixed or improved later. So go ahead, edit a web page and help make this a good source of information about services from the IT department and other ICT at UiB.

Make your first change right now!

  1. Go to the sandbox and click the link (in the top right corner) to edit.
  1. Type something and feel free to try some of the editing buttons.
  1. Click ‘Save page’ to save your changes, or ‘Preview’ to see how it will look.

If you find a web page you believe you can improve, click the tab in the top right corner to edit. If there is no suitable page for your contribution, you can type in the desired page name in the search field and press enter. You will then be able to create the web page. You have to log on using your UiB user name and password to be allowed to create new web pages or change existing web pages.

Suggestions for improvements can be submitted via the link to the discussion page on each web page. You can also contact the person who created another relevant web page. Each web page has its own page for discussing its content. A log of ‘who, what and when’ for all changes is also available on each web page.

The editing itself is also quite simple. You can write the content in Plain Text. Note, however, that you need a fully open line to make one single line break. Special codes are used for text formatting that are similar to html (which is used for ‘ordinary’ websites), but they are simpler. It is not necessary to learn these codes by heart, as the row of buttons above the editing window usually includes everything you need. More experienced wiki users can also use html and CSS, among other things, but the wiki has its own UiB set up for appearance, and, normally, you should not deviate from this. There is also a link to a wiki editing help at the bottom of the web page when in change mode. If you correct spelling mistakes, change the text formatting or similar, you can tick This is a minor change before saving.

Have you noticed something missing, or something that needs improving? Do not be afraid to make changes or suggestions. It is easy to change it back if errors are made.


You should be able to find the content of it.uib.no by theme or category. One page can belong to several categories, but should at least belong to one. Normally the most relevant will be a sub-category of

There are also categories for pages under construction, pages that have been verified and authoritative information.

Locked web page?

At it.uib.no, some web pages will be locked. This means that only administrators can edit these web pages. These are relatively static web pages containing authoritative information. Normally, this means regulations, policies or other content decided by the IT department or the University Board, respectively, or by someone else with power of decision. Changes to such web pages have to be approved in advance in accordance with the IT department’s procedures. Some pages are locked and marked with [:Template:Authoritative information|the template for authoritative information] and will include a text box explaining this.

NOTE: Only the IT department is allowed to mark web pages as authoritative information.