Connecting to your home directory in Mac OSX 10.4 (Tiger)

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A working UiB VPN connection is a prerequisite to be able to connect to your home directory from your private computer.

1) In Finder, choose "Go -> Connect to server.." (or cmd + K)

2) Type:

"smb://" (students) or

"smb://" (employees) Employees may need to use a different server, check your work computer, ask a colleague or BRITA)

Click Connect.

Osx104 rasurt.jpg

3) Click Authenticate

Osx104 auth rasurt.jpg

4) Type:

STUDENT (if you are a student) or UIB (if you are an UiB employee)

user name


Osx104 auth rasurt name.jpg

5) Find your user name in the list.

Osx rasurt user.jpg

Osx rasurt done.jpg

6) Your home directory should now be available as a network disk in Finder.