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UiB currently has two parallel e-mail systems. All students will have their e-mail on Outlook/Exchange from the beginning of the autumn semester 2020. All employees will also have e-mail on Outlook/Exchange in time.

Many employees already use Windows and Outlook on their work computer. If you are among these, your e-mail is on Exchange. (If you are unsure, you can check where you have your e-mail.) For new employees, Exchange is not assigned automatically, but must currently be selected when creating a user account. Some departments have standardized on Outlook for everyone. Employees who want to switch to Outlook now can contact us in UiBhjelp.

Outlook includes the following main functions:

  • email
  • calendar (including e.g. meeting invitations)
  • contacts
  • tasks

Outlook on the go or at home

With kalender.uib.no (Outlook Web Access) you get access to most of the functionality from the Outlook program on your PC.

See also:

[Email in the web browser]]

Some tablets and mobile phones (smartphones) also support Outlook/Exchange, either by an Outlook app or built-in email and calendar apps. This enables you to access, update and synchronize your calendar almost anywhere, anytime.

From Mozilla to Outlook

For users switching from Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook, the following applies:

Old e-mails are not automatically moved. They may be read with Thunderbird, Webmail or Pine. If you would like to move your old e-mails to Outlook, you may mountyour old mailbox (IMAP and get access to it from Outlook.

Address books are also not transferred automatically. If desired, you must arrange this yourself. An instruction manual for transferring address books from Mozilla to Outlook has been created and is available on the web. See Address Book Relocation.

Forwarding and absence notification by e-mail is done in Outlook or at kalender.uib.no. See Absence report e-mail.

Problems with Outlook?

The Help menu in the Outlook program can help with many problems Free online training from Microsoft for Outlook, among others. Frequently asked questions about email will give you some help with common issues related to Outlook. Full inbox is a problem for many users, but there is help.