E-mail on mobile phone

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You can use your e-mail on your mobile phone as long as it supports e-mail with IMAP or Exchange. (You may have more than one e-mail account registered in the same app, so you will not have to remove or loose any already existing mailboxes.)

On many phones, you are prompted to enter your e-mail server and domain when configuring your e-mail.

  • The e-mail server is: imap.uib.no
  • The domain is: uib.no

Your username is the same as at UiB (maybe three letters and three numbers or possibly only five letters, do not put in @ etc.). You must choose that SSL should always be pre-selected, but if there are questions about additional security such as kerberos el you must not select these.

For incoming e-mail, select IMAP and avoid POP (3). The incoming server is imap.uib.no. If you have made sure that SSL is selected, the preselected port number will be 993 - you need to make sure it is set correctly.

The outgoing server (SMTP) must be smtp.uib.no. Please make sure that authenticated sending is checked and choose to use the same username and password as for incoming. It is important that the port number for SMTP/outgoing for smtp.uib.no is set to 465 and that SSL is pre-selected. This will help you avoid problems on foreign networks (hotels, airports, etc.).

Click done and the device should be ready for use.