Windows on Mac

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It is now technically possible to run Windows on Macs (see eg. Information on

Some Mac users have requested this to be able to use applications that only run on windows machines

There are a few points you should be aware of if you are considering such solutions:

• The IT department neither recommends, nor supports "dual-boot" solutions, ie solutions where the same machine can start with two or more operating systems, such as Apple's "boot camp". The reason for this is that such setups do not go along with our tools and procedures for automated operation, and thus would be disproportionately difficult to maintain. There are also safety objections to having machines with operating systems that are not used most of the time, only sporadically, because it is difficult to ensure that such systems have the required security updates.

• If you are to run Windows on your Mac, you must purchase a separate license for this. The University's agreement with Microsoft only covers upgrades of Windows. Since the Macintosh is not purchased with Windows, you must first buy a "basic" Microsoft license and this is not available through the University's license agreements.

• Macs running Windows are not permitted directly on to the UiB wired network, instead the network outlet needs to be patched to VPN in order to obtain Internet access.