Virus on your pc?

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Account lock due to virus infected computer

If your computer spreads viruses on the UiB network you will be notified. If the problem persists after repeated warnings, your VPN connection will be severely restricted so that you only have access to websites on You can check if you are affected by this here:

Note that the IT department does not offer user support or reinstallation of private computers. For UiB computers that are not set up by the IT department, we can offer reinstallation with one of our client setups as long as the criteria for this are met.

== Do you have a machine infected by malicious software?

When a machine connected to UiB's network is infected with viruses or worms, it has to be unplugged and reinstalled. It is not sufficient to delete the malicious file. Most antivirus programs and other programs claim to cure infections, but they can not be trusted. The virus is "good" for hiding, and often opens back doors so that others can gain unauthorized access later.

Client operating machine

If you have a Client Driven PC that you think is virus-infected, contact BRITA.

Non-client operation UiB-PC

This procedure should be used by local IT responsible for virus infections on other UiB machines:

  1. Secure data stored on the machine.
  2. Reinstall the operating system when the machine is off the grid.
  3. Download updates from Windows Update.
  4. Install antivirus software and update to the latest virus signatures.