VPN; problems when using passwords containing spaces

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Problem reports

Some users have reportet problems using the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service at UoB when their passwords contain spaces.

The users experiencing them problem are unable to successfully start the VPN connection when the computer is on certain networks. The computer might connect to VPN in some locations, e.g. from the office or from home, and fail in other locations, e.g. from mobile broadband or a summer house.

The problems have been reported for laptops running Windows 7 installed by the IT Department at UoB.

The solution

The problem can be resolved by creating a new password with no spaces in it. Please use the Sebra service to accomplish this. Sebra is reachable using any Internet connection, and does not require VPN to be active.

Please note that the locally cached password for portable computers will not be synchronised with the password in Sebra until the next login on the laptop with UoB wired network on campus. Thus you will have to use the old password to log on to the laptop and the new password to log on to VPN until your passwords have been synchronised.