IT-help: New information and help web pages

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The IT department's new information and help pages launched 10 March 2010 under the name of IT-help.

These pages aim to provide all staff and students well information about IT services at UiB and work as help to self-help. IT-help replace the old, but we have retained the old address.

In the English edition of the new site, there still remains a lot of work with content production. Give us feedback on topics that are especially useful to find on IT-help.


The new site is a wiki similar to Wikipedia. It means that users of the site can modify existing pages or create new ones. All students and employees can login and affect the contents. IT-help is open for reading without login.

To provide all students and employees the opportunity to directly influence what's on the IT department's web pages are interesting.

The University's staff and students are holding a lot of information of UiB's IT services. We hope many are willing to share their knowledge.

It will help to ensure that IT-help is the place to go for information and help searching when it comes to IT-related topics at UiB.

We would like feedback on IT-help, please send us an emal: