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The IT Department's customer liaisons are in charge of the general contact with the customer departments in their area. They may be contacted for general questions about the IT Department's services and responsibilities, escalation of issues, etc.

Issues should be registered with BRITA for employees or with IT assistants for students or teaching rooms.

Area Customer liaison Includes
1. Nygårdshøyden north Wenche Vårdal Faculty of Law
Faculty of Humanities
2. Nygårdshøyden middle Mette Iversen Heggem Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Psychology (except BBB)
The Grieg Academy – Department of Music
The central administration
University of Bergen Library
University Museum of Bergen
Bergen Maritime Museum
3. Nygårdshøyden south Magne Bergland Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Uni Research
4. Årstad Laila Langesæter Faculty of Medicine (including Sandviken hospital)
The parts of the Faculty of Psychology located in BBB
The KMD building in Mølendalsveien (Department of Fine Art, Department of Design)